Felisorb Cat LitterThe best for your cats

Felisorb® Cat Litter is made 100% from the hemp plant. Offers superior absorbency and is more absorbent than any other cat litter tested.
The Cat Litter That Offers So Much More Felisorb Cat Litter is more absorbent than any other tested Cat litters and traps odours effectively.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    Made from 100% renewable hemp. Grown without pesticides or insecticides to prevent transfer of chemical residues and with no chemical additives. No trees were lost or land degradation in making Felisorb® Cat Litter

  • Traps Odour

    Absorption takes place in depth, retaining odours at the bottom of the tray. The litter stays dry and odourless. Making Felisorb® a cleaner and longer lasting product.

  • High Absorbency

    Accredited Independent Testing Laboratory commissioned to conduct Absorbency Performance Tests on respective Cat Litters, reported Felisorb® Cat Litter held the most water when compared to all the other products tested.

  • Fully Sustainable & Biodegradable

    And when it comes to disposing of your soiled litter. Felisorb® has made it easy for you. Being an organic product simply put it in a compost bin or mix it with garden soil and it breaks down quickly into quality compost.

felisorb cat litter

Felisorb: Available Now At Leading Pet Supply Stores

Felisorb® Cat Litter is made 100% from the hemp plant. The hemp plants are grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides. No chemical additives, binding materials or flavorings were used in the manufacturing process. The natural materials are granulated using a purely mechanical process and it regularly controlled for impurities and pollutants. As a result Felisorb® is both cleaner to use and lasts longer.

Felisorb® Cat Litter is an extremely environmentally friendly alternative – a truly eco-friendly choice.

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