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  • boob loves felisorb

    Yogi & Boo Boo, Aged 2

    "Yogi and Boo Boo love Felisorb as much as we do. It doesn't smell and its so easy to cleanup and maintain. Plus we dont need to change the litter as often"

    Posted By: Louise, Midland

  • cats use felisorb cat litter

    Felix, Aged 4

    "Very pleased with this litter. Mask the odour well and last twice as long and has a second use as organic compost. Would recommend to anyone."

    Posted By: Haley, Claremont

  • odour free cat litter

    Mo, Aged 9

    "Never heard of this cat litter before. Really pleased with this litter great value for money and the cats seem to like it and that’s the most important thing. Will be buying again regularly."

    Posted By: Michael, Armadale

  • hemp cat litter

    Saffy, Aged 6

    "This is value for money cat litter that can be composted or put in your green recycle bin. Actually works it holds the scent and doesn’t clump up so the cats can use it easily and happily.."

    Posted By: Jessica, Osborne Park

  • renewable cat litter

    Tilly, Aged 5

    "I usually use clumping so I did wonder what it would be like, its not dusty, it holds the scent. Am so glad I’ve tried it and easy to clean out plus its made from natural products Great value too"

    Posted By: Ben, Fremantle

  • renewable cat litter


    I’ve been looking for years for the right litter for my cats (clumping litter, clay, paper and wood-based, etc.) and ended up settling on litter crystals. This seemed to be the best solution with regard to odour reduction, but I was sick of getting a lung-full of powder from the crystals every time I changed or sifted the litter. I was also tired of stepping on crystals or lumps of clay lying on the bathroom floor and carpet.

    Recently, I saw Felisorb at a ‘City Farmers’ pet store and decided to give it a try. The pellets broke down when they absorbed moisture, and seemed to be very good at keeping odours at bay.

    Finally, I have found a cat litter that satisfies all my expectations: no odour, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. I love the product.

    Posted By: Alex, North Parramatta, NSW

  • renewable cat litter


    I was babysitting my friend’s cat (tane) while they were on holiday. As you know one of the unpleasant duties of caring for a cat is the dreaded cat litter. But to my surprise it wasn’t that bad!

    Felisorb Hemp Pellet Cat Litter! At first I was thinking, are my friends playing a trick on me?? But after 2 weeks with the cat and litter tray, I think they are onto something! It was a breeze to clean up the litter, (a sentence I never thought I would say) but this cat litter is so absorbent so easy to clean, great for a non-cat owner like me. No Odour the greatest thing about this product (which made hiding the traces of ever having a cat in the house easy from my landlord) and the coolest thing I found out from my friends is you can flush the litter down the toilet or put it in your compost bin! Great for me cause I have an awesome garden.

    Posted By: Cecelia, Caroline Springs, Vic

  • I have tried many cat litters none come close to this product. Not only good value for money. Actually works it holds the scent and my cats can use it happily. I’ve found other wood based litters break down into dust but not this one

    Posted By: Stacey, Success, WA

  • Having 6 cats we get through a fair bit of cat litter many of which claim to be economic to use. We actually found that this really was economical, the cats all but one like it. Would highly recommend.

    Posted By: Emma, Browns Plains, Qld

  • I have 14 indoor cats at the moment, (I'm a foster carer for a Western Australian cat rescue) and have started using Felisorb Cat Litter in the last few weeks. I'm totally impressed at the absorbancy, no smell and biodegradability of it once it's been used. I've tried all the kitty litters over the years, and this by far the best kitty litter there is, I reckon.

    Posted By: Jane, Armadale.

  • My 15yr old Burmese used it for the first time last night & it is the first time in ages she hasn't had an accident & missed the tray I believe she mustn't have liked the feel of the clumping litter she had been recently been changed too. I also was wrapped there was no odour when you opened up the laundry door in the morning that is a first in I don't know how long. I was a Vet Nurse for 15yrs & this has to be the best litter I have ever come across. Thanks for bringing it on to the Australian market a great find!

    Posted By: Libby, Nedlands

  • We have three indoor cats and have been using Felisorb for the past few months. Works really well and the cats like it. Do you sell larger quantities / bulk through any of your outlets? We have two litter trays on the go so the costs add up and just seeing if we can buy bulk and save in the long term. Thank you, and thanks for making a really good product.

    Posted By: Sam, Attadale

  • I have just tried Felisorb kitty litter and I am very happy with the results. I breed Australian Mist cats and I have 25 cats so it is very important to be happy with the kitty litter that one is using. I really, really like the hemp litter.

    Posted By: Jan, Hunter Valley

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