Ozhemp Company Profile

  • ozhemp is felisorbs parent company

    Made from 100% Environmentally Friendly Grown Hemp

    Ozhemp is Australian owned and operated business that focuses on development of hemp for commercial products and applications. The Company has undertaken extensive research into the cultivation and economic viability of hemp production, for a wide range of hemp based products and derivatives.

    Since the introduction of Western Australian “Industrial Hemp Act 2004 (WA) in March 2004 allowing for the commercialization of Industrial hemp, Ozhemp has secured the licence to cultivate, harvest and process industrial hemp.

    Over the past few years Ozhemp has been instrumental in developing the market for Hemp animal bedding in Australia. Ozhemp have been developing new and exciting hemp related products for pets industry.

    Industrial hemp is not widely grown because a number of countries had regulations forbidding the cultivation of hemp, output of hemp has decreased yearly, Current world demands of hemp products are greater than supply. Ozhemp also wishes to position itself as a major supplier of both value added hemp products as well primary products – animal bedding, cat litter, nesting materials, hemp seed oil, hemp meal/flour, hemp fiber and hurd, due to the vast land and broad acre cultivation Australia can offer.

    Ozhemp strategy is to create environmentally focused businesses based on sustainable farming and manufacturing to;


    Help build rural economies through the cultivation of industrial hemp crop and the setting up of hemp processing centre and downstream projects will rejuvenate the township with jobs, employment opportunities for supporting industry and more important improves the economy of the region.


    Assist in land recovery lost to salinity encroachments – the deep root system of the hemp plant can obtain water and nutrients from deep in the soil thus lowering the water table. One of the great advantages of hemp for farmers lies in its use as a rotation crop, breaking up the soil with its deep root system and also eliminating weeds, thus leaving the land ready for the direct sowing of wheat crop.


    Ozhemp discourages land degradation, unnecessary logging and deforestation. All products produced by the company shall be environmentally friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable with no harmful chemical used.


    Service to the community, the company has provided employment to special-needs workers to assist in the filling and packing of the company’s products. Offers persons with disabilities an opportunity to earn competitive wages in job sites in the community along with non-disabled co-workers. Eliminating unnecessary waste and energy consumption.

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